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Infant Baptism

Preparing for Eternity

Baptism is the greatest gift you can give your child. In the waters, they are plunged into the saving death of Jesus and reborn into a life of grace. They are united to Jesus Christ, becoming another Christ and part of the Body of Christ. They are filled with the Holy Spirit, becoming Temples in whom God dwells. Finally, they are adopted as Sons and Daughters of God the Father.

Baptism profoundly shapes a person's core identity. Yet, the outward effects that Baptism will have are not automatic. It is primarily your duty as parents to form and nourish the new identity given to them in Baptism, that they may shine forth as adopted children of the Father, images of Jesus Christ, and Temples of the Holy Spirit!

At St Cecilia, we ensure that you as parents receive formation to understand the Sacrament of Baptism, recommit to deepening your own baptismal identity, and be encouraged and equipped to nurture the baptismal identity of your children!

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Baby Baptism Ceremony

Steps to Baptism

Register for Infant Baptism

Provide your basic family information for your baptism. Anything you don't yet know (dates, godparents, child's name) can be provided later.

Receive Baptismal Formation

Sign up to attend a baptism class to be equipped in your vocation as Christian parents!

Schedule the Baptism

Baptisms are celebrated during weekend masses or by request at 1pm on a Saturday or Sunday.  Jarrett will check for the availability of the church and presider.

Approval of Godparent(s)

The godfather and/or godmother must be firm believers, able and ready to help the newly baptized child on the road of Christian life.

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