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St Cecilia
Pastoral Ministry

We Accompany You

At St Cecilia, we strive to accompany you through some of life's most meaningful experiences. We seek to help you deepen your faith, expand your knowledge, persevere through hard times, and prepare to receive the overabundant graces God offers to you.

Our specialized sacramental preparation is designed to help you experience deep transformation in receiving the sacraments so that they overflow into your lives that glorify God with their beauty and holiness.

If there's anything we can do to help you, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to serve you as we serve Christ!


Meet Jarrett

Pastoral Associate at St Cecilia

Jarrett Wendt is the touchpoint for all the pastoral ministries on this website. He will be the one to help you or be your point of contact to get the help you need.
Jarrett is a native of Ames who has been working at St Cecilia since 2016. Prior to this, he was the Youth Minister in Marshalltown and the Director of Faith Formation in Cascade. He was in seminary from 2009-2011 and has obtained a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Theology from Loras College. He has completed numerous trainings related to the services offered here, and is also fluent in Spanish. He lives in Ames with his wife Luisa (the St Cecilia School music teacher). They have 6 children together - 3 already in Heaven, 2 (twins) received through adoption, and their newest baby born into the family!

How to Reach Jarrett

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