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Loving Your Marriage

Marriage is among God's greatest gifts to us! At its best, it is truly heavenly, but marriage isn't easy. We each carry our sinfulness and selfishness into the union, and sometimes the combination can be painful.


Marriage requires everything of us. That's what we vowed at the altar, to love our spouse unconditionally. We are called to love them like Jesus, even laying down our lives (and our pride) for them. A great marriage takes work. The time and energy we put into strengthening our marriage is a reflection of how much we value it.


Whether you are at the brink of divorce, or looking to attain that next level of intimacy, here at St Cecilia we are eager to support you in the work of strengthening your marriage! See below the powerful opportunities we offer you to heal and grow in your marriage.

Love Your Marriage by giving it the time and effort it deserves!


Date Night!

Every month a team of passionate couples hosts a Date Night together! Beginning with a meal (and free childcare), the team provides rich marriage formation for you and your spouse to enjoy together. First Saturday at 6pm. Sign up to join the email list!

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Covenant of Love

Are you experiencing a time of difficulty in your relationship?
Are you seeking a more intimate relationship with God and each other?
Meet with a married couple who has been specially trained to equip you with practical tools for everyday life and with knowledge of God’s plan for marriage through mentoring sessions and resources.


Get some clarity! Take an in-depth online assessment to identify the strength and growth areas in your marriage. Receive your results in a personalized feedback session that will help you grow exactly where you need to grow!

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