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Start Your Marriage Preparation Journey Today!

Meet with Father

Schedule a time to sit down with Father to introduce yourselves, share about your journey and your desire to be united in the Sacrament of Marriage, learn about Catholic Marriage, and even set your date!

Marriage Preparation

Go through the Prepare-Enrich, Witness to Love, and Engagement retreat to receive the best training for marriage we can offer!

Plan the Wedding

Meet with Father, the music coordinator, and the wedding coordinator to plan the readings, songs, liturgy, and decorations for your wedding.

Get Married!

Experience the powerful graces of the Sacrament of Matrimony as, before God and Church, the two of you vow to become one. Your new vocation of life-giving holiness together now begins!


Preparing for Marriage

A Vocation to Faithful, Life-giving Love

Many of us invest years of training to prepare for our career. How much formal training do we receive for something far more important than a career - our marriage?
At St Cecilia, we give you the best training we can provide in these short months before your marriage begins, so that you can be prepared to succeed in building a marriage together that gets more beautiful and enjoyable every year!

Marriage Prep
Couple in Love


Take an in-depth online assessment to identify the strength and growth areas in your relationship. Receive your results in a personalized feedback session that will help you grow exactly where you need to grow as a couple!

Witness to Love

Choose a Catholic married couple you admire to embark on a journey of learning about marriage together. Glean great insights from their wisdom and wealth of experience, and gain a trusted couple that you can turn to as you begin your married years together!

Dancing Couple

Engagement Retreat

Get away together and dedicate a day or weekend to preparing for your marriage. Dive into the Catholic vision of marriage, and hear testimonies and guidance from wise and experienced Catholic married couples! Register for either the PreCana or Engaged Encounter below!

How to Reach Jarrett

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