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Choosing Your Marriage Mentor Couple

Brainstorm a list of some Catholic couples that you both admire. 

  1. Which ones do you both feel comfortable with?

  2. Which ones can you look at and say "I would be happy to have a marriage like that," or "I love the way they talk to each other and to their kids."

  3. You do not have to know the couple very well.

  4. Are they people who will hold you accountable, inspire you and challenge you?

Minimum requirements:

  1. They attend Church regularly

  2. They practice and are active in the Catholic Faith

  3. They have been Married (in the Church) for at least 5 years

  4. Immediate relatives are not recommended

The Witness to Love Process

  1. Complete your Prepare-Enrich inventory and feedback session

  2. Initial Kickoff Meeting between you, Deacon Ron or Jarrett, and your Mentor Couple

  3. Double-date night! Do something fun together with your mentor couple.

  4. Meetings 1-4 with Mentor couple. Preferably once per month.

  5. Engagement retreat (preferred timing). Either PreCana or Engaged Encounter.

  6. Meeting 5, "Theology Night", with Deacon Ron and Mentor Couple.

  7. Meeting 6 with Mentor Couple.

  8. Turn in your completed "Scavenger Hunt"

Great job! The work you've done has helped you build a stronger foundation for the rest of your lives together! Remember, building a happy marriage requires a lot of ongoing work, and problems will come up. Stay in touch with your mentor couple and seek their advice quickly when problems arise.

The Benefits

Marriages are in trouble these days. Typically about 23% of Catholic marriages won't make it through their first 5 years. Witness to Love changes that. In the parish where it started in 2012, the divorce rate dropped from 23% to 0%. It's that powerful.

Why is it so effective? By pairing quality marriage education with the lived witness of a wise, experienced mentor couple, you get a great headstart for all those early marriage challenges. But even more importantly, when you stay in touch with your mentors after the wedding, they are the first and best people you can turn to when things get tough (and they will!)

We use the Witness to Love process here because we want you to have a happy, lifelong marriage. Dive in! The more you invest yourselves in it, the better your life together will be!

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