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Plan Your Wedding!

After your initial meeting with Father, the wedding coordinator and music coordinator will meet with you to help you plan the details for your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Planning: List

Meet with Wedding Coordinator

The Wedding Coordinator will help you plan the step-by-step details of your wedding ceremony, such as how the procession will happen, approval of the printed wedding program, and who will be involved as lectors, attendants, ushers, etc.

The coordinator will also help you make all the arrangements for your use of the building on your wedding day.
Anything not settled in this first meeting can be pursued later via email conversation and/or follow-up meetings.

Contact the Music Coordinator

Our music coordinator will help you select the songs for your wedding liturgy, and work with you to choose and coordinate your musicians for your special day.

          Take a look at the form ahead of time!

Wedding Rehearsal

The rehearsal takes place the night before the wedding with the wedding coordinator. It is a practice run of the ceremony so that you, the wedding party, readers, and musicians all have a chance to walk through everything ahead of time!

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