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Finding Freedom from Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with pornography usage, there is hope. Below are recommended resources to help overcome pornography usage and addiction, as well as resources for those betrayed, and parents seeking to protect their children. If you would like to talk with someone about this, please contact us below.


Covenant Eyes

CovenantEyes is an internet accountability service designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your Internet activity and sending a Report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices.


Clean Heart Online

Clean Heart Online provides Catholic ministry leaders, educators, and parents strategies to revitalize culture and appropriately address pornography. Both pastoral and practical in nature, this resource equips marriages and families to live with integrity online. Clean Heart Online was developed by Covenant Eyes.



STRIVE is a 21-day detox from porn for men, presented by Matt Fradd and produced by Cardinal Studios. STRIVE provides a practical step-by-step plan to break free from pornography, and a supportive community of men from around the world journeying together on the 21-day challenge. Powerful videos and challenges are delivered daily to your email inbox. Currently, STRIVE is available FREE of charge.



RECLAiM Sexual Health offers a science-based, Catholic Online Recovery Program and other resources for those who desire to reclaim God's plan for their lives and the lives of loved ones impacted by pornography or other unhealthy sexual behaviors. The RECLAiM Sexual Health Online Recovery Program provides a unique integration of Theology of the Body, The Brain Science of Change, proven cognitive tools, accountability, group support, faith practices, and prayer all in one. Working at your own pace in an anonymous and safe environment, you can begin to change your unhealthy sexual behaviors and reclaim God's original plan for your life and your sexuality.


Integrity Restored

The mission of Integrity Restored is to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Integrity Restored provides education, training, encouragement, and resources to break free from pornography, heal relationships, and to assist parents in preventing and responding to pornography exposure which is so devastating in the lives of children.

Resource for Women
Feeling Betrayed:



Bloom For Catholic Women offers therapeutic and Catholic-based online courses for women healing from the trauma of discovering their husband's sexual and/or pornography addiction. They are dedicated to helping Catholic women gain confidence, hope, and resilience through professional therapeutic support, spiritual insight, educational resources, and an empathetic community.

Resources for
Parents & Educators:


Protect Young Minds

The mission of Protect Young Minds is to empower parents, professionals, and community leaders to protect young kids from pornography, and promote healing from any sexual exploitation. Protect Young Minds was founded by Kristen Jenson, author of Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today's Young Kids.


Protect Young Eyes

This website provides resources to help families, schools, churches, and all seeking to create safer digital environments for children. It includes videos to educate parents and videos for parents to watch with kids. The website also has current reviews of apps and provides guides to parental controls for monitoring social media, gaming systems, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.


Clean Heart Online: Parents

Here parents will find the tools to assist them in protecting the home, educating themselves and their children while at the same time assuring the home is a safe haven for all.


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