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To have a relationship with Jesus, we need to speak with Him every day. This is what we call Prayer. There are many ways of praying. What is important is to find time every day, and do it.

The goal during your Becoming Catholic journey (and for life) is to establish a habit of praying at least 15 minutes each day in solitude with God. While it is good to pray throughout the day and while busy, it is absolutely essential to set aside some dedicated quiet time with God.

“Unless you pray every day, your relationship with God is probably an illusion.” ~Fr Jacques Philippe

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Ways to Pray

There are many ways of praying, and prayer can range from elaborate, formal prayers to the simple lifting of one's heart up to God. It is helpful to learn a variety of ways of praying that can be suitable to different moments in your life. These are a few of the prayer forms we encourage you to become familiar with:

Catholic Spiritual Tour! (Recommended 2 weeks for each)

Follow any of the links above to learn about that form of prayer. Additionally, we are more than happy to meet with you personally to share our joy for prayer and how to do it!

Would you like some personal help learning to pray?

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