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Friends in Staduim



Nobody grows in the Catholic faith on their own. Community is essential for you in this journey. When we are alone we easily falter and fall away.

God calls us to Be In Community. Heaven is Community—Communion with God and all the Saints for eternity. It starts now. For this journey, and the rest of your life, remain grounded in Catholic community and friendships.

Having a Spiritual Mentor is extremely beneficial in the spiritual life. A good mentor will listen to you deeply, support you, encourage you, challenge you, and keep you accountable to who you want to be.

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Choosing a Good Spiritual Mentor

Think of someone you know:

  • who you admire for their Faith.

  • who is active in the Church, regularly attends Mass at St Cecilia (or nearby), and prays daily.

  • who will hold you accountable, inspire you, and challenge you.

  • who is probably not an immediate relative, and definitely not a significant other.

Finding a

Spiritual Mentor

If you don’t already know somebody who would make a good spiritual mentor, one of your first tasks will be to get to know some of the great people who belong to St Cecilia. You can meet these people after Mass or at parish events. Ask the RCIA Team if you would like some help with this! 

Asking Someone to be your Spiritual Mentor

Once you’ve found someone you’re excited about, you’ll need to ask them if they’re willing to be your Spiritual Mentor. Tell them your faith journey, how excited you are to become Catholic, how you look up to and admire them for their faith, and that you would love to have their guidance and mentorship as you grow into your Catholic faith. They may ask what they would do—share the guidelines below:

Choosing a Sponsor

A Sponsor is someone who will stand up with you at every Rite on your path to full Christian Initiation. Your Spiritual Mentor would be an ideal Sponsor. A Sponsor must be at least 16, Confirmed, practicing, and in good standing with the Church.

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